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What is Runtime application self-protection (RASP)?

Runtime Application Self-Protection or RASP is an emerging security technology that lets organizations stop hackers’ attempts to compromise enterprise applications and data. RASP protects your application from vulnerabilities so that your teams can focus on business logic, without leaving your application exposed to potential exploitation


RASP delivers lower CapEx and OpEx

RASP accuracy means more protected applications

RASP is cloud and DevOps-ready

RASP delivers unprecedented application monitoring


Client goals that can be attained by sast can be divided into four categories:

Identification of all inputs and outputs of the application

The ability to prevent zero-day vulnerabilities

Interception of attacks during execution

RASP is the next generation WAF with newer technology

Key Features of Hadess RASP Service

THE TOUCH Key features of Hadess RASP service Zero-day protection

Using patented grammar-based techniques, RASP allows applications to defend themselves without signatures or patches- providing security by default and sparing you the operational costs of off-cycle 0-day patching. Interested in learning more?
THE TOUCH Key features of Hadess RASP service Cloud native application protection With fading controls and ephemeral workloads, cloud native applications need more than just perimeter security. RASP provides security from within and goes wherever your application goes. Interested in learning more? THE TOUCH Key features of Hadess RASP service Insider threat protection Attached to the runtime, RASP sees east-west traffic within applications even from careless and malicious insiders Interested in learning more?

We don’t have an antivirus solution that’s waiting on signatures to be developed and pushed out. What we’ve got is that we’re part of a larger collection of organizations that are running Hadess, so any data that we see gets fed back into the system and someone else will benefit from that knowledge.


Actionable outcomes of your business securities

Hadess’s certified ethical hackers provide regular feedback throughout an engagement to ensure that your key stakeholders stay informed. Here’s what you can expect to receive post-assessment

Increasing application security in an integrated and intelligent manner using continuous monitoring of architecture as well as application inputs and outputs

Prevent exploitation of vulnerabilities using input and output monitoring

Deployment in a variety of architectures, including Cloud

Ability to customize and create dynamic rules for zero day and unknown attacks


Hadess’s experts adopt a systematic approach to comprehensively test your organization’s threat detection and response capabilities.

THE TOUCH APPROACH AND METHODOLOGY Security Groups: A collection of web applications or serverless functions sharing a common set of policies Interested in learning more? THE TOUCH APPROACH AND METHODOLOGY Agents: A library you integrate into your application without modifying development code Interested in learning more? THE TOUCH APPROACH AND METHODOLOGY Policies: A collection of rules that protect your application from a variety of threats Interested in learning more?

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