Month: December 2023

The art of Linux persistence

The Art Of Linux Persistence(EBook)

In the realm of Linux system administration, security, and advanced operations, the concept of persistence is pivotal. Persistence in Linux refers to the techniques and methodologies used to maintain continuous operations, automate tasks, ensure the execution of critical processes, and sometimes, in the context of security, maintain access. This comprehensive guide delves into various facets …

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Android Shim Attack Surface

This article delves into the critical role of shims in the Android ecosystem, a platform known for its diversity and fragmentation. Shims, as intermediary layers, are instrumental in ensuring compatibility and functionality across various versions and configurations of Android. The Necessity of Shims in Android’s Fragmented Ecosystem Android’s vast and fragmented landscape presents unique challenges, …

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Android Shim Attack Surface

Android – Understanding the Shim

Android shims are small libraries that act as compatibility layers between different versions of the Android operating system. They allow developers to call newer Android APIs on older platform versions that don’t natively support those APIs.  Shims provide backward compatibility by implementing newer APIs on top of older platform functionality. This enables apps built with …

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Threat Intel Roundup: WebKit, Akira, Kimsuky

Threat Intel Roundup: WebKit, Akira, Kimsuky

Week in Overview(28 Nov-5 Dec) it is crucial for organizations and individuals to prioritize remediation and patching efforts to safeguard their systems and data. The following key findings highlight the importance of proactive measures to mitigate risks associated with various vulnerabilities and threats:

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