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Red Teamer Gadgets

Red Teamer Gadgets

Red teamers, who are cybersecurity professionals specializing in emulating potential attackers to test the defenses of an organization, rely on a variety of gadgets and devices to conduct their activities. The Hacker’s Hardware Toolkit on GitHub, curated by yadox666, offers an extensive list of such tools, emphasizing their practical applications in security assessments. Among the …

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Red Teamer’s Guide to Wi-Fi Exploits

A Red Teamer’s Guide to Wi-Fi Exploits

Wireless Technology and Frequency Spectrum Overview Understanding the frequency spectrum and its various applications is crucial for professionals working with wireless technologies. This document outlines the frequency ranges and associated technologies, providing insights into their usage and characteristics. Frequency Bands and Technologies Tools and Commands To work effectively with these frequencies and technologies, various tools …

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Pwning the Domain: AD CS

Pwning the Domain: AD CS

Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) is a crucial component of enterprise security infrastructure, providing services for public key cryptography. However, misconfigurations and vulnerabilities within AD CS can be exploited for domain escalation, persistence, and certificate theft. These exploits leverage weaknesses in certificate templates, enrollment services, access control lists (ACLs), and other AD CS components. …

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SIM Swap Attack

SIM Swap attacks

Introduction SIM Swap attacks are well known to cybersecurity professionals. They allow an attacker to take control of the victim’s SIM card, enabling them to validate online payments or change the victim’s account passwords. This type of attack is widespread and has caused significant damage worldwide. Recently, in January 2024, the X account of the …

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Pwning the Domain: Persistence

Pwning the Domain: Persistence

In the ongoing battle between attackers and defenders within the realm of cybersecurity, understanding and mitigating persistence techniques is paramount. “Pwning the Domain” is a comprehensive series dedicated to exploring various methods employed by malicious actors to maintain unauthorized access within Windows domain environments. This article focuses specifically on persistence techniques, shedding light on the …

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Loaders Unleashed

Loaders Unleashed

When developing malware/red teaming tools, it’s often needed to dynamically execute code inside a program. For example executing python code inside a python file. The reason that it’s needed is for evasion, is because when the code is being loaded like that, it resides in memory so AV/EDR has more overhead when examining the process. …

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The Crypto Scam

Last year ransomware scammed more than 10 billion dollar from various organizations and users. We decide in this document research methods from seller to end client. This report was made by the Hadess and data comes from various sources such as: Dark Web , Deep Web Forums, Sellers and Websites. Summary of Finding Abbrev. Wallet …

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