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Loaders Unleashed

Loaders Unleashed

When developing malware/red teaming tools, it’s often needed to dynamically execute code inside a program. For example executing python code inside a python file. The reason that it’s needed is for evasion, is because when the code is being loaded like that, it resides in memory so AV/EDR has more overhead when examining the process. …

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The Crypto Scam

Last year ransomware scammed more than 10 billion dollar from various organizations and users. We decide in this document research methods from seller to end client. This report was made by the Hadess and data comes from various sources such as: Dark Web , Deep Web Forums, Sellers and Websites. Summary of Finding Abbrev. Wallet …

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Web LLM Attacks

Web LLM Attacks

The integration of Large Language Models (LLMs) into online platforms presents a double-edged sword, offering enhanced user experiences but also introducing security vulnerabilities. Insecure output handling is a prominent concern, where insufficient validation or sanitization of LLM outputs can lead to a range of exploits like cross-site scripting (XSS) and cross-site request forgery (CSRF). Indirect …

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yaklang guide

Yak Lang: Revolutionizing Cybersecurity with a Cutting-Edge Programming Language

Enter Yak Lang, a language designed to address the evolving needs of security practitioners and organizations. As technology advances and the scope of security projects expands, there is a growing necessity for languages that excel in both efficiency and suitability for product distribution, engineering research and development, and platform building. This is where Golang has …

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Bitbucket Attack Vector

Bitbucket Attack Vector

Introduction Bitbucket, a widely used Git repository management solution, provides a platform for developers to manage and collaborate on code. However, its extensive functionality and integration capabilities also present numerous attack vectors and surfaces that adversaries might exploit. This APT report outlines potential attack vectors and surfaces within Bitbucket, focusing on the data pipeline, active …

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Android Shim Attack Surface

Android – Understanding the Shim

Android shims are small libraries that act as compatibility layers between different versions of the Android operating system. They allow developers to call newer Android APIs on older platform versions that don’t natively support those APIs.  Shims provide backward compatibility by implementing newer APIs on top of older platform functionality. This enables apps built with …

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