Month: April 2024

Pwning the Domain: Persistence

Pwning the Domain: Persistence EBook

Key findings from the “Pwning the Domain” series underscore the pervasive threat posed by attackers leveraging sophisticated techniques to exploit vulnerabilities within Windows domain environments. The series highlights the prevalence of persistence tactics, ranging from Group Policy manipulation and ticket-based attacks to the abuse of certificates and advanced techniques such as AdminSDHolder, GoldenGMSA, SID History, …

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Pwning the Domain: Persistence

Pwning the Domain: Persistence

In the ongoing battle between attackers and defenders within the realm of cybersecurity, understanding and mitigating persistence techniques is paramount. “Pwning the Domain” is a comprehensive series dedicated to exploring various methods employed by malicious actors to maintain unauthorized access within Windows domain environments. This article focuses specifically on persistence techniques, shedding light on the …

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Pwning the Domain: Lateral Movement

Pwning the Domain: Lateral Movement EBook

In summary, lateral movement in the domain of cybersecurity encompasses a myriad of techniques used by attackers to navigate through networks and systems. From password-based attacks to exploitation of authentication vulnerabilities and manipulation of enterprise systems, adversaries employ diverse tactics to gain and maintain access within targeted networks. Understanding these techniques and implementing robust security …

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Loaders Unleashed

Loaders Unleashed EBook

As a bonus, loaders with encoders enhance security and efficiency in software deployment. By encoding loaders, developers can obfuscate their code, mitigating security risks and ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of their applications. Overall, loaders play a critical role in modern software development, facilitating seamless integration and execution of external code across diverse programming languages.

Loaders Unleashed

Loaders Unleashed

When developing malware/red teaming tools, it’s often needed to dynamically execute code inside a program. For example executing python code inside a python file. The reason that it’s needed is for evasion, is because when the code is being loaded like that, it resides in memory so AV/EDR has more overhead when examining the process. …

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