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40 days in crypto scam

40 Days in Deep/Dark Web About Crypto Scam

Forward About document Summary of finding Tools Fake Transaction Generator Market drainer Nocryi Logs BradMax Logs Baron Cloud Logs Fate Cloud Logs Log Checker Magnus Ransomware Brute Force Seed Key Log Checker Wallet_dat_net Venom rat Redline  Abbrv. Market drainer Auto transfer Crypto base Mixed log Fake transaction Seed key crack RAMP Auto-withdrawal Forward Last year …

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TTPs Reviews In Attack Against The Industry in Iran

TTPs Reviews In Attack Against The Industry in Iran

A major cyberattack has hit the Iranian steel industry today, with hackers claiming to have taken control of systems at three state-owned companies. The incident may be the latest salvo in the escalating cyberwar between Iran and Israel. The video contains footage which purports to show the hacking group taking control of machinery inside one …

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Stuxnet Techniques Review

Stuxnet Techniques Review

Stuxnet, the World’s First Digital Weapon Stuxnet is a computer worm that was originally aimed at Iran’s nuclear facilities and has since mutated and spread to other industrial and energy-producing facilities.This Document About Techniques Review, Not Covered All Techniques.

what is application security

What is Application Security?

What is Application Security? Application security is an essential part of the software development lifecycle, and getting it right should be a top priority in today’s ever-evolving and expanding digital ecosystem. Application security is the practice of protecting your applications from malicious attacks by detecting and fixing security weaknesses in your applications’ code.  AST started …

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what is blockchain security

What is Blockchain Security

A Blockchain, or distributed ledger, is a technological protocol that enables data to be exchanged directly between different contracting parties within a network without the need for intermediaries. Each transaction is communicated to all network nodes, and once verified and confirmed, is added to an immutable transaction chain. Blockchain Security Challenges Blockchain isn’t perfect. There …

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